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Dear Dr. O'braitis, Thanks to you and your staff, our 7 year old looks forward to going to your office. She has no fear of going to the dentist like so many children and adults. Everyone in your office goes out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. I am so glad I finally have a dentist I can trust and feel at ease with. Thanks for being a great dentist.
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Dr. O'Braitis, Thanks for the awesome new mouthguard! It doesn't even feel like there is anything in my mouth when I wear it. I'm looking forword to testing it in games soon.
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I have been to many dentists in my life and Dr. O'Braitis is the best. Dr. O'Braitis and his staff are friendly and professional with up to date equipment and technology. Dr. O'Braitis's conservative approach and thorough explanations makes me 100% comfortable with his recommended treatments. Dr O'Braitis does not try to sell you something you don't need. His dental assistant Helen is excellent and she is works great along side of Dr. O'Braitis. I highly recommend Dr. O'Braitis for anyone looking for an excellent dentist. - read more reviews on Citysearch

Dear Dr. O’braitis,

We are very grateful to you and your staff for the care and first quality dental treatment for our family.  For several years we have been looking for a dental provider in the Orange County area who would take the time and provide the care my family needed.

Your entire staff from the office personnel to the technicians and hygienists exhibited extraordinary patience, understanding and most importantly, a willingness to attend to our needs. You personally went above and beyond in helping my boys relax to make him comfortable with their visits.

Thank you for your wonderful and skilled dentistry. It was truly a pleasure to receive treatment by such in such a wonderful, cheerful, and professional staff.

The Garland Family

Dear Dr. Obraitis,

Thank you very much for my son's mouth guard. Now that he has his permanent teeth in we want to protect them.

When he began football again, we came and got a mouth guard. It fit great and he was even able to talk - he played quarterback.

The mouthguard worked. He was playing in a game and got hit in the chin and head. He was hit so hard that his helmet came off - but the mouthguard stayed in and protected his teeth. The impact did break the mouth guard strap which you promptly fixed.

Thank you for the mouth guard and your prompt response in fixing the strap.

We definitely recommend you and the mouth guards.

Thank you.


Mike Love

My name is Alec Davis and I played football at MVHS for 4 years. The first year I had a regular mouthpiece and that year I got a concussion. The 3 following years I used a mouthpiece from Dr. Obraitis and I never had a problem again. They were all very comfortable and fit to my mouth perfectly. I had no problem communicating clearly with teammates because of the quality of these mouthpieces. I never had any durability problems with any of the three mouthpieces I got from Dr. Obraitis. I think Dr. Obraitis DDS for helping men have a great and safe football career.

Finding Dr. Obraitis and having him make our son Daniel a custom-made mouth guard was a lifesaver! Our son has struggled with a severe gag reflex for years. This has made playing sports that require a mouth guard very challenging. We would have to cut down the standard plastic mouth guards to almost nothing in side for our son not to vomit while wearing it. Not only was this not providing any real protection, he was still gaggy and would often vomit during practice and games. This was obviously very embarrassing for our son.

Daniel is playing his third year of tackle football and this is his second season with a custom mouth guard by Dr. Obraitis. We no longer have any issues!! Again, a lifesaver!

The Akerlinds

I liked my custom mouthpiece because it was much easier to breathe with it in. As a middle linebacker, it enabled me to make the necessary defensive calls without having to constantly be taking out my mouthpiece and putting it back in.

Garret Olson, Laguna Hills Football

Dr. Obraitis,

My children began playing competitive sports approximately five years ago and it was at that time we found your athletic mouth guards.

My son wore them for football and lacrosse while playing at the High School level and really enjoyed the way they fit.

It was when my oldest daughter started using them we realized how truly amazing they were. When she decided to play lacrosse for Mission Viejo High School we knew we had to get her fitted for a mouth guard at your office. During her second season wearing the mouth guard she received a check to the face that actually cut her lip open. I was on the field and my first thought was “Her Teeth”, she came off the field, took off your mouth guard, and nothing. Her teeth were perfect.

Our youngest daughter is thirteen and we tried the store bought models for her first season not thinking about your mouth guards because we thought they were for older players. We tried youth mouth guards, adult mouth guards, and spent anywhere from $1.00 to $19.99 and never had any luck. It was then we decided to call your office and found out she was not too young at all.

Since purchasing the unit she has enjoyed being on the field because she is not uncomfortable. She has shown other girls on the Storm team and now we are seeing more of them on the sidelines with their custom Storm mouth guards.

Thanks so much for the great offer you have on these mouth guards they fit our kids’ mouths and our budget!

Best regards,

Yvette Cervantes

My daughter plays keeper for Mission High School lacrosse. Protecting her teeth was very important to us. Sarah was fitted for a mouth guard and we couldn’t be happier. It was done quickly and professionally with her name, team name, school logo and colors. She loves it! We love it too because it protects her teeth.



I forget it in my mouth. Most of the time I walk all the way to the car with it in. I am constantly asked why I play with a mouthpiece when we aren’t doing contact. I just don’t feel it.

Colby Maxwell, Mission Lacrosse & Club

I love having my professional custom fitted mouthpiece. I like it when the mouthpiece firmly molds to your mouth. I also like how you can talk normal without mumbling a lot. Thank you so much.

Cole Spooner, age 12

Dear Dr. Obraitis,

Thank you so much for being such a great dentist! I have never felt as at ease during a dental appointment as I do when I am in your office. Through root canals, cavities, and routine cleanings, your staff has maintained professionalism and friendliness with every visit. I am truly grateful to have found a dentist I can trust, rather than fear. Thank you!

Becky Clay

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