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It is crucial for you and your loved ones to visit your general dentist on a regular basis. When you visit your dentist for routine examinations and cleanings, he and his staff can catch early signs of decay or even prevent decay from ever occurring. When small oral health issues like tooth decay go too long without being treated, they can become more serious problems like gum disease. You can protect your health and the health of your family by visiting your family dentist regularly.

What’s that pain you’ve been having in your jaw, your ear, your face, your head? It very likely might be Bruxism, grinding your teeth often in your sleep when you are not aware of it.

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A comprehensive dental exam will be performed by your dentist at your initial dental visit.

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Dental emergencies are quite frightening and often painful. Prompt treatment is almost always required to alleviate pain and to ensure the teeth have the best possible chance of survival.

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Tooth extractions need to be performed for a variety of reasons including severe gum disease, periodontal disease, tooth infection and tooth decay. Dr. O’Braitis will strive to complete all necessary extractions in one convenient visit, and dentures are inserted the same day as extractions so you never leave without teeth!

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You know you should have spent more time brushing and flossing but what now? Every time you brush your gums bleed. They look red, swollen and are a bit painful as well. You are on your way to Gum Disease, a potentially serious condition.

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A nightguard is a custom-made acrylic mouthpiece that is worn to protect the teeth from grinding (bruxing) or clenching, mostly occurring during sleep.

A mouthguard is a comfortable piece of athletic gear that fits over your teeth and can help protect your smile as well as your lips, tongue, face, and jaw. New research indicates that mouthguards can even reduce the severity of concussions.

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